Practical and accessible effectiveness tools for working adults.

Working Well Series


Accessible tools to boost workplace wellness

The Working Well series provides accessible solutions for the challenging psychological demands of today’s fast-paced and frequently stressful workplace.

  • Are you feeling stressed at work?
  • Are staff experiencing strain?
  • Do you want to know how to give mental health first aid?

Working Well products detail simple and actionable behaviours you can implement to help you maintain wellness at work.

Strengths-based Emotional Intelligence (SBEQ)

The Working Well series has been developed from our work in telephone crisis support, suicide prevention and mental health first aid, to give individuals practical tools for staying strong and well at work everyday.


You can improve your existing skills to…

Manage strong emotions.

Stay effective in stressful situations.

Conduct difficult conversations.

Naturally, please DO seek professional support if you feel you cannot cope on your own. The Working Well series are not substitutes for such services.

Easy to understand and implement

The Working Well tools are designed to be easy to understand and to apply in any work situation.

The series is action-oriented and provides simple, doable, steps towards workplace wellness.



Buy Working Well Posters

Working Well posters contain all the information and actions you can take to immediately improve your wellness at work. Actions are clearly identified to help you quickly put them into practice. Get the whole set for your office today!


Buy Working Well Gifts

Feeling stressed while on a break in the kitchen? What can you do immediately to boost your wellbeing? Reach for a Working Well mug for a handy wellness reminder. Or offer practical care by giving Working Well mugs as fun and helpful gifts for colleagues or your group.

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