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The Unmentionables Series


Address difficult and embarrassing workplace behaviours

The Unmentionables is a product series about workplace behaviours that are difficult for HR or management to address because it relates to personal habits.


How do you tell someone… They are wearing too much cologne? Their feet smell? Their lunch hangs around the office for weeks?

It can be upsetting, embarrassing and humiliating for a person to discover that their behaviour in the workplace is viewed as inappropriate. It can also be difficult for managers or HR staff to address for fears of being politically incorrect since the behaviour isn’t addressed by a code of conduct or behaviour management policy.

“Sure everyone knows?” is not always the case.

We all assume we know what constitutes professional behaviour in a workplace. In an increasingly diverse workplace, this can mean different things to different people. We don’t know what we don’t know.

“Surely Everyone Knows?” or SEK is the knowledge that people assume is common, when in fact it is culturally determined and may not be obvious.


Surely everyone knows… Not to clip nails at their desk? Smoke in the office toilet? Heat strong smelling food in the office kitchen?

This lack of awareness causes problems in the workplace, especially in a multicultural environment.

Problems created by SEK knowledge gaps can be difficult to address since they often relate to personal habits and not covered by legislation.

These “small things … big impact” challenges can cause considerable umbrage that is hard to resolve since people can feel personally attacked and rejected.

Friendly, fun and non-confrontational

The Unmentionables address the assumptions of SEK (surely everyone knows) knowledge in a friendly, fun and non-confrontational way.

It uses “buddies” to tackle embarrassing or difficult topics.


Buddies are small, colourful and friendly. They are designed to be race and gender neutral.

Buddies enable people to access knowledge and make transformative changes in how they manage their professional and personal lives.

Promote and sustain a common standard of workplace conduct

The Unmentionables purpose is to promote a common standard of conduct so we can work alongside each other comfortably. It is suitable for all workplaces; especially those with a rich diversity of cultures or educational backgrounds.



Buy The Unmentionables Posters

The Unmentionables posters illustrate embarrassing situations and behaviours in a workplace in a non-judgemental and non-confrontational way. They are great as training aids as well as displayed on noticeboards to build awareness and discussion.


Buy The Unmentionables Gifts

The Unmentionables t-shirts and mugs are great to have around the office to reinforce the desired behaviours that contribute to a consistent standard of workplace behaviour. They make the perfect post-training giveaways too.

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