Practical and accessible effectiveness tools for working adults.

The Principles Behind BuddyWorld

Principles derived from real-world experience

BuddyWorld products are founded on core principles synthesised from years of professional practice and work experience across a range of industries.

We match these with practical, considered and tested action steps to help you convert the knowledge into constructive behaviours!

Surely Everyone Knows (SEK)


SEK is knowledge that people assume is common, when in fact it is culturally determined and may not be obvious. This lack of awareness causes problems in the workplace, especially in a multicultural environment.

Problems created by SEK knowledge gaps can be difficult to address since they often relate to personal habits and are not covered by legislation. These “small things … big impact” challenges can cause considerable umbrage in the workplace that is hard to resolve since people can feel personally attacked and rejected.

SEK principles are used for The Unmentionables series.

Minimum input maximum output (MIMO)


MIMO effectiveness is about how to maximise excellence with the minimum of input.

The value of MIMO is that it cuts through to the essence of what is needed.

MIMO principles are used in the Enhance Effectiveness series.

Strengths-based Emotional Intelligence (SBEQ)


We all have the ability to change and grow. We often have more than we realise within ourselves to fuel our growth, and stand up to meet challenges and change.

We perform at our best when we can find and leverage the hidden strengths we have within us. This takes awareness and practice.

SBEQ principles are used in the Working Well series.

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