Practical and accessible effectiveness tools for working adults.

Enhance Effectiveness Series


Action-oriented personal effectiveness

The Enhance Effectiveness series of products is designed to help you quickly grasp the core concepts of personal effectiveness.

It is action-oriented to create real behaviour change. This series is focused on practical actions you can take immediately to become more effective at what you do.

Minimum input for maximum output (MIMO)


Effectiveness is how we maximise excellence with the minimum of input. We often need less than we realise to create effective and quality output!

The Enhance Effectiveness series leverages our Minimum Input for Maximum Output (MIMO) principles.


Identify and sidestep distractions.

Think and plan through actions.

Get clear on what, why and how.

Do enough and excel.

Visually driven actions


We tend to work better when we can see where we are going and how to get there.

Enhance Effectiveness guides you visually through the actions you need to achieve better outcomes in different workplace situations.


Buy Enhance Effectiveness Posters

Enhance Effectiveness posters describe MIMO concepts and visually outlines actions you can take immediately to boost your effectiveness. Use them to train your group or display them in your office to promote professional growth.


Buy Enhance Effectiveness Gifts

Enhance Effectiveness gifts are fun (and useful) to have.  Adding effectiveness reminders to your office or workplace, they are a great way to encourage everyone in your group to ‘raise the bar’.

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