Practical and accessible effectiveness tools for working adults.

About BuddyWorld

When psychology meets design

BuddyWorld is the brainchild of psychologist, Tracey McGrath, and analyst designer, Zern Liew. It is a range of effectiveness tools aimed at supporting working adults in their professional and personal lives.

Accessible knowledge AND doable actions

BuddyWorld products are derived from years of experience in many different fields including Psychology, Training, Coaching, Design Thinking, Business Management Consulting, Crisis Management, and Counselling.


Knowledge without action is moot. (Kolb Learning Cycle anyone?!)

For each product, we work to distil the absolute essence of the topic to give you what you need to know, and provide real-world, practical actions that anyone can take to immediately change their behaviours for the better.

BuddyWorld is for working adults

BuddyWorld products are designed for working adults and the people who work with and manage them such as HR professionals, trainers, managers and leaders.


Business is the most powerful change agent today. Business is powered by the working adult. When we enable, empower and enhance the working adult, we stand to make the most significant construction change to not only their lives but also their families and communities.

BuddyWorld products can be used actively in training sessions, or as supplemental reinforcement of core knowledge and actions.

Want something bespoke or customised?

We  here at BuddyWorld are collaborative and will happily work with your group to achieve outcomes that foster inclusivity and a healthy community and/or workplace; Working alongside you to create new products or customise existing products to meet your specific needs.

Tracey McGrath

Tracey McGrath is a psychologist who is known throughout Australia for her work in helping individuals and organisations to improve performance. Entertaining and knowledgeable as a speaker and a consultant, Tracey mentions the unmentionable in a way that allows people to laugh, get the point, and move forward. Tracey’s clients span commerce and industry, education and government.

Find out more about Tracey McGrath.

Zern Liew

Zern Liew is an approachable, adaptable, & experienced strategic design consultant with 20 years experience across IT, business and multidisciplinary design.  From his experience working Australia-wide and internationally, Zern enables clarity, insight, and direction in enterprise software user experience, business excellence and technical communication projects.

Find out more about Zern Liew.

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